Many of us long for a deeper, more satisfying relationship with God. It doesn’t matter if we have been a part of the church most of our lives or have no religious affiliation, we often find ourselves thirsting for more. People from every walk of life are asking questions like: “How can I grow spiritually?” “How can I really know and experience God?” 

At Wonderful Mercy Church we are committed to helping you answer those questions. We believe the best way to provide soul care is to accompany pilgrims on life’s journey, helping them to move from simply knowing about God to experiencing His presence. That’s really what we mean when talk about spiritual formation.  We believe God is always at work shaping us into the image of Christ. He is the initiator of our relationship with Him, and we are shaped as we learn to pay attention to what He is doing.  Attentiveness and awareness of God’s presence is developed through various spiritual disciplines and by God’s wonderful mercy and grace.

Here are some of the ways we are helping people pay attention to what God may be doing in their lives:


What is spiritual direction? Read this helpful brochure.

Spiritual directors – sometimes called “sacred companions” are trained to listen to God in the context of listening to other people. Reflective questions help the directee discern God’s activity in the circumstances they discuss.  

Spiritual direction is available by appointment. For a list of available spiritual directors, contact: Pastor Lee.

IMMANUEL (Inner healing) PRAYER

Immanuel Prayer, is an integration of the best of Christian emotional healing practice and spiritual disciplines, developed by Dr. Karl Lehman M.D., a board certified Christian psychiatrist. An important priority of the Immanuel approach is to remove blockages that stand between our hearts and Jesus.  To make an appointment with a trained Immanuel prayer partner, contact: Pastor Graeme or Pastor Lee.


Numerous Life Together groups are available to choose from. We encourage   participation in one of our groups to experience authentic community – a safe place in which we can all grow as followers of Jesus. 

Find a Group to Join


For those difficult times that inevitably come, our pastoral staff stands ready to bring care and counsel with expertise to help in a variety of areas of life situations. 


Do you have a longing for a closer, more intimate relationship with God? There is most likely a spiritual discipline (practice) that will assist you toward a fulfillment of that deep desire. Talk to one of the pastors. We would love to point you to a myriad of resources that have for centuries transformed Christian pilgrims who simply want more of God. 

TAIZé prayer

Every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM you are invited to our service of listening prayer patterned after the prayer and worship times of the community of Taizé in France. 

“It is a time to rest in God, to let the words listened to and sung penetrate one’s being.” So says Brother John, a Taizé monk, in lectures and writings explaining what the service is all about.

There is no preaching, no teaching, no talk of sin or repentance or forgiveness. There is just this elegantly simple service: short chants repeated over and over in the dim, candle lit sanctuary; plus some short Scripture readings or psalms. And silence, at least 8 or 10 minutes, sometimes more. In 45 minutes, it’s over.