We are a safe place for people to experience the extravagant love of God and discover the destiny God has placed on their lives. We believe that real friendship, not religious function, has been on God’s heart from the beginning. At our church this extraordinary divine friendship is celebrated and pursued wholeheartedly. We believe that the highest and best thing we can do is “taste and see that the Lord is good.” When that happens, when we are invaded from the inside by the love of God, we find that God is neither boring nor irrelevant. He is wonderfully real, bringing healing, wholeness, and hope to every aspect of our being.


Transforming our world with God's love.


We are a safe place where everyone is wanted and loved as they are, and where people are supported in their spiritual journey as they discover they are deeply loved by a beautiful God.


A Life of Love
We are created from and for love. God’s love is the supreme standard and it empowers how we live, move, and relate.


We are created to see the world through eyes of wonder, not simply through eyes of reason and analysis. Perceiving and being moved by beauty are essential expressions of what it means to be made in God’s image, for God is the Source of all beauty.

Becoming a House of Prayer
We are committed to prayer saturating every part of the individual and corporate life in our church, consumed with passion for intimacy with Christ and a habitation for His glory.

Everyone Matters

We value every human being and believe that each person is created to become an extraordinary follower of Jesus.

Experiencing God

We embrace an environment where God’s presence is continually pursued and experienced. We believe God speaks to people through His Word, and that we are to move out of revelation and not reason alone.


By the grace of God, we have been forgiven and transformed and therefore we extend that same grace to one another.


We believe God has called us to integrity of heart, godly sincerity, and soundness of conduct according to His righteousness and statutes.

Serving the World

What goes on beyond our church walls is as important as what goes on within. God calls us to love the world and we do! We have a local and global missional mindset that includes evangelism and generous love for the forgotten ones.

The Word

We are committed to helping people have a clear and orthodox understanding of the Bible so they live and share life from a biblical worldview.