Grief Care & Share

What is Grief Care & Share?
When we experience the loss of a loved one, often the future seems bleak and we wonder how we can go on...and sometimes even why we should try.

Grief Care is comprised of people just like you who have been specially trained to help you walk through this time and move on with your life and discover wholeness once again.

Grief Care and Share Groups
These groups have a team of facilitators who not only have been trained to help you during this time, but who have hands-on experience as well.

The group meets the first Saturday of the month (excluding New Years Day) in Wonderful Mercy's Prayer Room. You may come once or as often as you feel the need. There is no cost and you need only bring your desire to become whole and healthy again.

What if you don’t want to process in a group?
Groups may not be for everyone, so we have facilitators who will meet by appointment at a mutually convenient time. To arrange this, please contact Susan.

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone can come to the groups and/or make an appointment for a private meeting with facilitators. You need not be a member or attendee of Wonderful Mercy.