Training Center

Our Training Center seeks to equip the people of God to live fully into their kingdom destiny. The characteristics of our classes include:

  • A comfortable setting
  • Lots of discussion in which we hear from all participants
  • Imparting information that leads to transformation
  • A focus on obedience-oriented responses, not simply head knowledge
  • Developing relationships through prayer and action
  • Sessions with people who have well-developed expertise on the topic

Fall 2016 Classes

The following courses are being offered through our Training Center in the fall of this year. For more information on any of them, contact the leader by email or phone.


    *Thursday nights | September 22 - November 10 | 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

    Teacher: Hank Doss,,  202-528-2998

    This class will help you identify and operate in your God-given gifts. These gifts may not be what you think! And your role in sharing the heart of God in this world using your gifts may be more exciting than you ever imagined! Each of us has received a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit; in our time together we will not only learn what our gifting is but how to let God truly guide us always.

    About the instructor: Hank Doss is a child of God, teacher, entrepreneur, father, husband, and business professional. He was born and raised in the small town of Gallipolis, Ohio. Life’s lessons began developing there and have continued to develop over the years. He holds a bachelor’s, masters and PhD degrees. He has taught at Howard University, Rio Salado, and the University of Phoenix. He has also taught “Gifts of the Spirit” courses all over the country. His two passions outside the home are teaching and cooking. Seeing people learn and seeing people enjoy good food are two of life’s most gratifying pasttimes!


    Tuesday nights | September 20 - November 8 | 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

    Teacher: Meg Crossman,, 480-694-5788

    This class provides an opportunity to explore a variety of ways to begin (or enhance) your study of God’s Word. In compelling and interactive approaches, we will help you find the ways that work best for you! Come join us to discover many easy-to-learn and practical-to-use methods for your own Bible reading, as well as ways to draw others to delve into the Word.

    About the instructor: Meg Crossman edited curricula called "PathWays to Global Understanding" and "PathLIght Towards Global Awareness." She is Director Emeritus of PathWays Partnership, which serves churches and empowers ordinary people to make strategic Kingdom contributions. As an active missions mobilizer, she’s helped produce and encourage more than 100 classes throughout Arizona. Prior to this, Meg spent 10 years doing prison ministry. She lived in Japan and in Egypt, and for a summer, taught English in mainland China. Meg and her husband Al have lived in Tempe for 43 years. They have 3 grown children and 6 beautiful grandchildren.
  • Being A Safe Place

    Wednesday evenings | October 19 - November  9 | 7:00-9:00 p.m.

    Teacher: Mike Bradley,, 480-986-7533

    We are living at a time in history in which the predominant stereotype of Christians in the United States is that we are an arrogant and angry, judgmental and condemning people. This stereotype will most effectively be torn down one heart, one life at a time as people encounter Christians who, like Jesus, are a safe place. In addition, many Christians are struggling to be of any real threat to the dominion of darkness. This class will help participants be equipped, transformed, and empowered to think, speak, and act more like Jesus so that they can more effectively impact their world with God’s love and God’s power.

    About the instructor: Mike serves as Director for The Alliance of Renewal Churches  and he and his wife, Debi, are members of Wonderful Mercy. He has a B.A. in Youth and Family Ministries and graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA with a Masters of Divinity. He brings over 30 years of leadership experience in Christian ministry, having served in a variety of positions in congregational contexts, and also as the President for The Master’s Institute Seminary. Mike’s passion is to help Christians rediscover what it means to be a safe–place people in order to increase their effectiveness for living lives of witness in the world, and developing healthy leaders and disciples in the church. He writes and teaches extensively on Being a Safe Place for the Dangerous Kind, Hearing God Together, Holy Spirit: What Difference Does He Make?, Moving on with God, and Leadership for the Kingdom of God. Mike enjoys hiking, golf, and mountain biking and, and also enjoys reading. He and his wife of thirty-eight years, Debi, have five children and two grandsons